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stern, and the official number of the ship and registered
tonnage cut in the main beam of the ship in a permanent
manner. In the case of wood vessels this is burnt into the
beam, whilst with steel ships these particulars are punched
in the beam.

Where the main beam is not accessible, the number is
cut into the forward hatch coaming.

Upon the stem and stern post a scale of feet denoting the
draught of the vessel must be marked. A penalty for mis-
leading marking makes the owners liable to a fine not
exceeding 100.

In the case of new vessels the ship must be surveyed, and
a certificate of survey produced giving full identification
of the vessel, together with a builder's certificate giving
particulars of the ship and the persons entitled to be
registered as owners.

The owner then gives a declaration of his right to become
an owner and his qualification, place of building of the ship,
the name of the master, and a statement that no unqualified
person is holding a share in the ship. A company or cor-
porate body makes this declaration through its secretary
by document under seal.

At the same time the ship's husband is registered. He is
the person who accepts individual liability for the obligations
of the owner and is personally answerable to the Courts.

Registration of the ship is made at the port by the
Principal Officer of Customs, who enters into the register
book the name of the ship and port of registry, details of
the ship and particulars of ownership. The registrar retains
the surveyor's certificate, carving note, builder's certificate,
and bill of sale. The registrar then issues a Certificate of
Registry (known as the ship's register), which is only a
document of registration for use in the navigation of
the ship.

Change of ownership, or change of master, must be
endorsed upon the ship's register, and in the event of the
ship becoming lost, taken by an enemy, or ceasing to be a
British vessel, the certificate of registry must be given tip.